Friday, 28 September 2018

GDPR, cloud and the DBA

It seams that the world is waking to the power of data.  Since the birth of the database just about every organisation has been storing data away on all aspects of its business.  This data has traditionally been used in a relational method, i.e we pull that data only when we need to look further at it.

However it seams we are now heading for a digital revolution.  For the first time we are starting to see this data being correctly mined, and used to its full value.  Its no wonder then that governments are trying to control the data we hold.

We are sat right on the edge of a time when computers can make complex decisions on how we might behave, how we spend, our honesty and our habits. Its an exciting time, but we are still yet to find a balance between allowing computers to help make our lives easier and allowing them to decisions they should not.

What we as DBAs need to ensure is that data is anonymized for compliance, but still has the ability to be mined.  This means losing personal and identifiable data, but not losing the dates meaning.  So for example, where we scramble a date of birth, we change it to within the same age bracket.  Should we change an address we keep the anonymized address in the same region. 

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