Tuesday, 10 June 2014


On a jet plane, don't know when I will be back again.

So you read blogs all the time - Mine - about what things to check on starting a new role as a DBA.

But, what should we do on the way out?

As the outgoing DBA manager, it occurred to me that there was an awful lot of things that needed checking. So I thought a little blog about it might help me create a check list, and others to create theirs.


In an ideal world you should not have thing set to run as you, and you should have checks in place to stop this but it can happen.

So ensure that the following are not set as owned by your login, as once your log in is disabled, the pople you leave behind could face all sorts of issues, and no one wants there name to become mud after leaving.

SSRS Packages


So we all have our own way to set up reporting and our own set of vital reports.  (Mine coming, in later post)  But unless someone is receiving it all its pointless.  So make sure that all them emails that have plagued you for the duration of your employment are going to people in your team. Also ensure they understand them and how to act on them.

SLA - Environment

Ensure that the SLAs are fully documented, and the remaining team know what systems are PROD, DEV, QC and UAT.  So that they can be sure they can act accordingly.


The word no one wants to hear, but the vital act of ensuring that every thing is fully documented and up to date. So that you dont get calls after you have left asking for HELP!

If any one else can think of any thing let me know.

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